A Step by Step Guide To Journaling For Your Wellbeing

Most of us remember keeping a journal or diary when we were young, somewhere we poured all our thoughts, wishes and dreams into. However as we left childhood for teenagehood, and then went into adulthood, it’s a habit that most of us left behind, but is it something we could all still take lessons from. Finding a place to work out your issues and get everything off your mind, and onto a page. Nicola Cloherty explores the practice of journaling as an adult, supported by aromas to help open your heart and guide you to a better place.

Oh, to tap yourself on the shoulder.
Oh, to sit still and listen.
Oh, to go within.
Oh, to write.

Oh? But why? To seek answers or direction that is nestled inside you, yet often greatly ignored because, let’s face it, life gets busy and we don’t have time for ourselves or self-attunement.

For me, writing is where I find my smile. My warmth. My answers. I love to communicate (I am pretty good at talking too!) but writing is an expression I adore the most. It’s an exploration exercise that reveals so much to me.

I used to write a journal when I was a kid. Just last Christmas, I stumbled across a stack of old notebooks and letters at my parents’ place. I sat there reading and smiling at the little girl who used to go within and put pen to paper at such a young age. Then I stopped for about 15 years.

Why do we do that? Why do we stop? Society? Tuning out? Not enough time? Not cool enough? Lost? Other things become more important?

Over the last few years, I have realised (real-eyes) that journaling and free-flowing writing is something that fills my cup, and supports me to get whatever is going on in my mind, out. I get clear on issues, direction, decisions and many other emotions. As an essential oils devotee, I also love to use aromatic anchors to work through particular emotions that might be heavy or negative to create a positive feeling and solution.

Here is my step by step guide to help you create your own writing ritual:

  1. Create Some Space For You
    Create some space for you to sit, receive and write. It might be at the table, underneath a tree, on your favourite bench overlooking the lake or at the beach. You could be on the sofa at home. Wherever you are, make it yours.

  2. Set The Scene
    Turn off your phone or put it on the other side of the room – #DoNotDisturb. Light a candle, perhaps put on some soft music.

  3. Pick Your Scent
    If you have a diffuser turn it on with some calming essential oil scents to create a relaxed environment. If you have different essential oils, tune into whichever oil is calling your name. How do you do that? Simply open the lid and connect with the aroma. You’ll just know.

  4. Ready, Set, Go
    Grab a pen and notebook so you’re ready to write. Close your eyes and take five minutes to meditate the way you do. Breathe. Observe your breath. Breathe. Observe your body. Don’t shut off your thoughts, see them and let them go. Come back into the physical space. Come back into your body.

  5. Time To Write
    Take pen to paper and write your theme/issue/question/emotion down at the top of the page. Free-write for 10-20 minutes – the idea is to let it flow out onto the page – set a timer. Come back to the theme/issue/question/emotion if/when you get stuck. Read over what you have written – highlight anything that sticks out. Place no judgement about what you have written or yourself. If need be, create action steps or just sit with it and see what flows next. Thank yourself for taking this time for you.

I highly recommend repeating this as much as you need. Like any self-care, emotional or spiritual practice, it’s not a one-hit-wonder. Consistency is key. Keeping attuned to you isn’t an easy game. It can be hard, but it is totally worth it.

Nicola Cloherty is obsessed with health and well-being. She loves the female cycle and is seasoned in honouring, loving and syncing her menstrual cycle. She knows first hand, that when women shift their focus and connect to their own monthly cycle – we’re talking exercise, food, work, and overall lifestyle activities – life becomes even sweeter!

Nicola shares and educates women (mainly – the men in their life then follow suit shortly after) on how to use essential oils. For example, as a support to reduce stress and support hormones. She also runs ‘in-real-life’ events and workshops, as well as virtual offerings programmes to help more women connect with themselves. and create space for themselves to pour from a full cup when trying to do all of the things!

Nicola also has 15 years of business and marketing experience under her belt. She went from a fast-paced corporate ladder climber to feminine-focused solo/femprenuer in 2016; experiencing what it was so slow down, tune in and balance her feminine and masculine energy. Now, she mentors women to embrace their female body and energy to manage their own business and lives!

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