January 2020 / grace tells 005

"After all, your 'mind' connects you to your heart and soul, and that connection creates a complete feeling of happiness."

Marieke van Meijeren

By: Grace&Us, Images by Marieke van Meijeren

Marieke van Meijeren, founder of De Bewustzijn School

1. Describe yourself in 5 sentences; who are you, what do you do, who / what is important to you?
‘I am Marieke van Meijeren and I live with my boyfriend and our daughter on a farm in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. That has always been a dream of mine, living on a farm. Three years ago, I found my calling when I founded De Bewustzijn School (The Consciousness School), a place in the middle of the city, on the Keizersgracht, where you can get your daily dose of body, mind and spirit lessons. Just like training for your six-pack (if you want to) it is important that you also train your mind. After all, with your ‘mind’ you connect to your heart and soul and that connection creates a complete feeling of happiness.’

2. What has formed you the most?
‘After a serious motorcycle accident when I was sixteen, I was on the brink of death. To the surprise of the doctors, who had very little hope, I recovered completely. That had a huge impact on me. I felt the totality of who and what I really am and what life is all about very clearly. Because, at such an early age, I didn’t know how to give this special experience a place, I consciously decided to go back to the frenzy of daily life. I studied advertising, had my own companies and lived in a nice apartment. From the outside the picture was right, inside I felt restless and unhappy.’

 – “My near-death experience finally put everything into a different perspective.”

3. What’s the most life-changing experience you’ve had?
‘My near-death experience. It ended up putting everything into a different perspective, although I didn’t realize that until later. When I was 23, I felt I had to change my life. From that moment on, I consciously chose to rediscover myself and my soul. I did this by fully focusing on deepening, elevating and experiencing my consciousness. I rediscovered my high sensitivity, my clear vision and feeling, and my inner voice. They became powerful instruments that gave me guidance and direction every day from then on.’

4. What is a challenge in your daily life? And in life in general?
‘My energy management after the birth of Leah. I try to stay very close to myself and to understand my limits. Sometimes I just want to do too much and I feel that right at the end of the day. But I’m working to bring that back into balance! In the bigger picture, the challenges were the time after my near-death experience at 16, after my miscarriage and pre-diagnosis of cervical cancer at 23 and the time after giving birth now a year ago; they were all challenging moments. But they were also life lessons from which I learned a lot and from which I was able to grow.’

 – “The power of women is indomitable.”

5. What makes you happy?
‘My daughter Leah glows from morning till night. She’s my big ball of energy and happiness. Besides that, I’m very happy when I’m outside. I enjoy a long bike ride through the nature reserves around my house with my daughter Leah at the front of the bike. De Bewustzijn School also makes me happy. We work with a small, tight-knit team based on trust instead of all kinds of office rules. That provides flexibility, but above all freedom in which everyone can get the best out of themselves.’

 – “Always approach each other with warmth, love, and openness and never lose the will to help each other.” 

6. What makes you laugh?
‘The unabashed and dry humor that only my girlfriends and I understand. And I love Eddie Murphy’s one man show RAW!’

7. What makes you cry?
‘When my boyfriend and I aren’t connected. If we don’t understand each other at some point, it certainly brings tears. But I also often cry with happiness. A meeting, nature; these can just bring tears of happiness.’

8. Why are you proud to be a woman?
‘The power of women is indomitable. We are like wild oceans: mysterious, elusive and full of potential and power. And we may and can give life!’

9. What would you like to say to your younger self?
‘If it feels good, go for it. And have faith in yourself, you can do so much more than you think you can right now.’

10. What lesson do you want to pass on to the next generation?
‘Always approach each other with warmth, love, and openness and never lose the will to help each other.’

11. If you get to spend an evening with three people, who do you invite?
‘Marianne Williamson, Dalia Lama, and Eddie Murphy. Oh, and I’ll just add a number four: Audrey Tatou. These people are great and focused in what they do and they do it with all their heart and soul. That’s for sure. By the way, what a wonderful combination these people would make for a night out.’

12. What do you like about yourself?
My deep and holistic connection with my soul and especially in combination with my lightness and humor. And when it comes to my appearance, my lips.

Marieke van Meijeren is the founder of De Bewustzijn School and was nominated as one of the 100 sustainable young entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. She is also called ‘The Speaker of the New World’. Besides the revolutionary school she founded, she is a widely sought-after speaker & energy healer at events, retreats and business programs where she shares her (deep) vision on life.