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Because We Carry

Grace&Giving / Be the change you want to see in the world. In late august 2015, three young women from Amsterdam left for Lesvos. In their luggage, over one

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Kluivert Dog Rescue Foundation

Grace&Giving/ Join the Kluivert Community. For many people Curacao is a paradise. With beautiful weather, white beaches and lovely nature. But if you are visiting the island, especially as

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Wendy Yoga Trip 2019

Grace&Happenings/ Her sister has acute leukemia and ex-model and presenter Anouk Smulders was ‘high in her stress level’ when she went on a yoga trip to Italy for WENDY.

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Talkies Magazine Special Edition

Grace&Happenings/ In September 2019 Grace&Us founder Anouk Smulders graced the cover of Talkies magazine in a special edition issue celebrating women. The issue launched with a ladies only lunch

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