A sense of giving is one of the most important elements at the core of Grace&Us. Giving time, support and kindness. Here we show how we’re putting that into practice, from the charities we support to the special ways we honour our community.

Because we Carry Organization

Because We Carry ORG

Be the change you want to see in the world.

In late august 2015, three young women from Amsterdam left for Lesvos. In their luggage, over one thousand baby carriers – donated by hundreds of concerned people – for deprived mothers with children seeking refuge and safe-haven in Europe.

Once they arrived on the small Greek island they encountered a situation worse than they could have imagined. The human desolation was immense. People suffered from hunger and cold. These people – stranded on the shores of Europe – needed help, urgently.

It was at that moment that the three friends decided to act according to what they had learned from Ghandi in their yoga experiences, and become the vehicle for the change they wish to see.

Image: Because we Carry Organization

ACD Foundation

Stichting ACD Marathon 2020

ACD Foundation

Esther Vergeer Foundation

Nearly 70 percent of children and young people with physical disabilities are lonely.

Pack your sports bag, put on sneakers, and go to the sports field to run and move. Alone or in a team. It seems so obvious, but for many children in the Netherlands it’s not at all. Children with a physical limitation don’t exercise at all, or hardly ever, and are not members of any sports club. But sport can mean so much to you. I experienced that myself, after I became paraplegic when I was 8 years old. Sport has brought me an incredible amount. It has made me who I am today.


ACD Foundation

Running Marathons to Raise Awareness

After baby Myla died from a rare disease after just 27 days, parents Jessica and Mathijs set up the ACD Foundation to help raise awareness. Now baby Myla helps Mathijs over the finish line when he runs marathons in her memory.

ACD Foundation

Kluivert Dog Rescue Foundation

Kluivert Dog Rescue Foundation

For many people Curacao is a paradise. With beautiful weather, white beaches and lovely nature. But if you are visiting the island, especially as often as Rosana does, you will see how so many dogs live here. They live on the streets with no food, water or a loving owner. These harsh conditions mean puppies are euthanized, and these sorts of cruel things occur on a daily basis. Together with Rosana you can help us to stop animal suffering in Curaçao.

Kluivert Dog Rescue Foundation