Anouk Meets Tamara Dehue

On Saturday 9th May 2020 we took a trip around NL to deliver some gifts to Mamas across the country for our Mother’s Day campaign #LieveMamsi. Anouk sat down and chatted with the women we wanted to celebrate on this special weekend to hear their stories and share experiences. Here is the second video from that lovely day when Anouk met Tamara Dehue.

“Tamara’s story touched me immediately. Her path is one with many challenges but she is so strong and the fact that she got two beautiful boys when it seemed impossible made me emotional. Her strength, positivity and drive are remarkable! I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet Tamara and hear her story.” – Anouk Smulders

Hear more from Anouk in the video where she chats with #LieveMamsi Tamara Dehue.

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