Grace&Us began with a simple spark.

Founded by Anouk Smulders, Grace&Us began with a simple spark. An idea. A connection. Through an unexpected interaction that led to an extraordinary encounter, Anouk realized how much energy and inspiration women can get from one another, and how our stars can align to make incredible things happen. But in today’s perfect filtered world, there is no real space to allow that to happen, no place to find honesty, to make you feel good.

Because you can’t put a filter on real life.

And from that spark Grace&Us was born, with one simple mission, to share real stories, from and for the amazing women we meet, to celebrate, come together, encourage, support, show kindness, and build a movement based on these values. We want to bring women together, start conversations, share experiences, foster a sense of humanity, be daring, and show strength, openness and spirit. 


Our Story

We believe that women can do better together. We believe in the power of kindness, generosity and openness. We have known and met women from every walk of life who inspire us, touch us and motivate us. We want to celebrate and perpetuate that. We want to share real stories from women, for women – to help lift us up, feel supported and learn. To share our strength, curiosity and enthusiasm, and to honour those who surround us. Because you can’t put a filter on real life.

Grace&Us began with the idea of a ‘Wereld Wijf’ – a well known Dutch expression that translates to an ‘amazing woman’. It’s an expression that Anouk would use all the time, and that her friends would also say to her, and it’s a sentiment that really resonated with her. It is a person who lives through life experiences and has ups and downs, and it’s a word for people you appreciate, that give you strength and motivation.

The idea behind this expression grew into what Grace&Us is today, a modern place to share, be inspired and inspiring, be daring, powerful, find support, show support, and sometimes even get a little crazy. The name Grace&Us has its origins in Anouk’s own name, meaning Grace, and in Greek mythology the plural ‘Graces’ refers to three sister goddesses who are the givers of beauty and charm. The sentiment of the word grace today is about a special sense femininity, a giving and gracious attitude, and showing respect and honour. Grace&Us embodies all of this, born with a Dutch heart and a world view to include badass babes everywhere. Because together we can kick some real ass.



If you feel your brand would benefit from a collaboration with Grace&Us we’d love to hear from you. Through our growing network, fuelled by Anouk Smulders, we are building a wide community of women who resonate with our relevant, quality content, and aspirational, honest values. If you like what you’ve seen and read, and feel your brand can contribute to our community, then please get in touch.