Grace&Us was born with a simple idea – to bring together the women we know, love and are inspired by, to celebrate and honour them – with the belief that women can do better together, and the power of kindness, generosity and openness can overtake all.

Founded by Anouk Smulders

We are curious, daring, powerful, crazy, supportive BADASS babes. We’ve got stories to tell, wisdom to share, encouragement, honesty and sincerity to give.

We’re starting a movement, and being real is the name of the game.

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- The power of real

Our mission is to share authentic stories, from and for the amazing women we meet, to celebrate, come together, encourage, support, show kindness, and build a movement based on these values. Because together we can kick some real ass.

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Emmie, de vijfjarige dochter van Miriam Blondeau (38) heeft het Prader-Willi Syndroom, een zeldzame en complexe aangeboren aandoening. Hierdoor heeft ze een ontwikkelingsachterstand en spierslapte….


Als Maartje (51) gaat scheiden wordt haar ergste nachtmerrie waar: ze wordt uit het leven van haar drie kinderen gewist. ‘Ouderverstoting’ is machteloos toekijken vanaf een afstand..


Twintig jaar geleden zijn mijn ouders gescheiden. Intussen had mijn vader in Rusland, waar hij voor zijn werk geregeld kwam, een jonge vrouw leren kennen, doordat zij als tolk voor hem werkte…

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We believe that women can do better together. We believe in the power of kindness, generosity and openness.

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We have known and met women from every walk of life who inspire us, touch us and motivate us. We want to celebrate and perpetuate that.

The Power of Real

We’re sharing real stories from women, for women – to help lift us up, feel supported and learn. To share our strength, curiosity and enthusiasm, and to honour those who surround us.

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A place to share, be inspired and inspiring, be daring, powerful, find support, show support, and get a little crazy.

- Because you can't put a
filter on real life

I created Grace&Us as a space to bring women together. To start conversations, share experiences, to foster a movement based on kindness, humanity, courage, strength, openness and spirit. Here we are. So let’s get Grace-ing It.